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Credencesoft enables you to reach your best potential. We develop our potential and prepare it to contribute to the development of a better future. We invite you to take the first steps towards a rewarding career with us, as we have fascinating possibilities across a wide range of areas and businesses.


Our Interns

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Experience with Our

Are you curious about the impact an intern can have on your team? Look no further! We had the pleasure of hosting an Angular intern who exceeded all expectations and made a lasting impression during their time with us.

Join in groundbreaking research.

Students who work in an industrial R&D setting get access to challenges and data on a large scale. They will also get the opportunity to connect with some of the world's top scholars. The internships last three months, with the potential to extend the time in some situations.

Research Internships

What we seek?

Credencesoft seeks excellent and highly motivated students with a passion for research in any field of computer science. Come join us if you have a steady, brilliant academic record as well as a love for R&D.

What qualities do we seek in interns?

Purpose of an intern

R&D-related assets include creating research problems, developing prototype solutions, publishing research papers, performing literature surveys, executing proofs of concept, and learning and developing about emerging trends and technologies.

What is the purpose of an intern?

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Leading with a goal in mind

We provide associates with the chance to achieve revolutionary solutions that benefit society as a whole and demonstrate that anything is possible by using innovation and contextual knowledge.

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Continuous learning

We empower our colleagues to offer new solutions by giving them access to and learning from the immense collective experience that exists inside Credencesoft. We make certain that they stay on the cutting edge of change.

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Our workers, regardless of age or stage of their career, are assisted to find and become the professionals they were intended to be through upskilling and reskilling, as well as possibilities to move throughout the business.

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We consider our employees as long-term partnerships that we develop together and from which we all benefit. We invest in them throughout their careers and urge them to strive for continuous improvement.